Shity Weather v 1.0

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I make this mod for my self, but I decided to release him. Mod changing bad weather condition to more extreme. We have more fog at the morning, dark afternoon and more rain, and few other changes. Mod changing rain and thunderstorm sounds, adding more rain at windscreen. Tested and working on v1.30. Mod could be not working with other mods on weather and graphics mods.



3 thoughts on “Shity Weather v 1.0

  1. Ross gillies

    Very good mod. Thanks.

  2. Incompatble mit Mario Map 12.7

  3. Really really really good.

    More water on the windshield, great sounds, including the cool waves of downpourung rain, more fog (water spray) on medium range during heavy rain.

    I like it. It feels like vanilla but is more intensive and better sounding.

    It’s kind of like the great True Storms mod for Skyrim/Fallout 4 🙂

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