Sibir Map Alpha Version v 0.2.0 [1.28]

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Map for ETS2 – SibirMap – alpha version 0.2.0.

The author of the map SibirMap: Valery 10AVOID
Author of SibirMap objects: Denis DENLOG

Description of the map:

– Detailed landscapes of Western Siberia.
– The city of Omsk and the nearest villages (Marianivka, Lyubin, Krasny Yar, Lusino, Druzhino, Entrance, Bekishevo, Tyukalinsk, Krutinka).
– Functioning economy, custom companies regional, federal, international (Baikal Service, Magnet, Omsk Bacon, Agroculture, Ikea, etc.).
– Several complex interchanges made by hand, without using default singlemodel-prefabs.
– More than 150 custom objects, including stellas, houses, etc.
– Several small easter eggs that can be found by carefully examining the map.
– Correct most bugs of the first version.
– Salons Scania, Man, Volvo, Daf, Iveco and Reno.
– The project is free!


Officially: scale of the map: 1: 4 for the route, 1: 2 for the city.

– Added a section of the P-402 route from the parking lot near cafe Ermak to Krutinka (over 100 real km). Which means that the length of the roads on the map of Siberia has doubled.
– Added about 150 (!) completely new and unique objects created specifically for the SibirMap (stellas, houses, cafes). Many thanks to the author of the models – Denlog.
– Added villages: Bekishevo, Malinovka (without a bases), Tyukalinsk, Krutinka.
– Added car dealerships: Scania, Man, Volvo, Daf. Now, together with Iveco and Reno, there are 6 car dealers out of 7 on the map.
– The values ​​of regional speed limits have been changed.
– The next correction was the economy. Full replacement of default firms by custom, such as Magnit, Baikal-Service and others, including regional ones. For firms developed trailers and some places, facilities for bases. I draw your attention to the fact that the cargo has not yet been finalized, it is possible that you will carry a truck with electronics or frozen beets from the oil processing plant. At the moment, the economic component of the game is in the development stage and will change with time.
– Fixed many bugs, replaced objects to reduce the redness of the log. Fixed bugs such as an error with the number of the truck (just buy a new truck), or a problem with the lack of cargo on the bases. Fixed friezes near Omsk and in the parking lot in Malinovka. Many bugs are added, or left from previous versions, the author does what he can.

INSTALLATION: as well as version 0.1.1, all requirements are unchanged. The consequences for an existing profile should not be. Before the upgrade, complete the delivery of the goods, you will be sent to the garage!

ATTENTION: The card is started by a separate module! To do this, you will need to create a new profile and connect the mods before starting the game by selecting the sibir.mdb module.

DISCLAIMER: ATTENTION! On the map, project objects RusMap and Southern Region were used. All rights to the models belong to their authors.

– Rusmap 1.7.4 (Map, Def, Model)
—-> fix on SR (for version 1.28)
– SouthernRegion (Map & Def, Model)
– Sibirmap (Map, Def, Model)


Map is compatible with the traffic-pack from Jazzycat.
ATTENTION! Packs of trailers can replace the original skins for companies on the map SibirMap!
The map version: 1.28(!) (at 1.30 WILL CRASH! carefully, do not forget to roll back to 1.28 version!)
All the published map dlc (GE, Scandinavia, Viva la France) are needed.
Fashion on the weather seasons can be unstable!

Map –
Def file –
Model1 –
Model2 –

The aero-trailer with a new stylish skin –
Physics, adapted for the map of SibirMap, author Artem Kazantsev –
Trailer with SibirMap logo, author Maxim Kuznetsov –


A huge request – keep the original links to the files! Thank you.

Link to Donate under the avatar of this group, you can specify any amount, at least 10 rubles, even 1000, how many do not feel sorry for the support of the project.
The Yandex purse of the author is 410014397417095. Paypal –
Be sure to write your nickname or surname!

More info:

10avoid, Denlog


6 thoughts on “Sibir Map Alpha Version v 0.2.0 [1.28]

  1. GamerLionfish

    If you already have a profile & you have already installed other map mods onto your profile, is is possible to install this map without having to select another map module.

  2. Tzn ze nie trzeba przestawiac w module gry czy tak jak bylo tak jest osobny modul tej mapy

  3. BillyZeKat

    i’ts compatible with russian open spaces?

  4. muy bueno

  5. muy bueno este mapa

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