Sibir Map Alpha Version v 0.3.1 [1.31]

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Map for ETS2 – SibirMap – alpha version 0.3.1.

The author of the map SibirMap: Valery 10AVOID
Author of SibirMap objects: Denis DENLOG

Exactly one year ago, on August 6, the existence of the SibirMap project was announced. 365 days it took to release 3 large versions of the map, slightly more minor updates, create about 300 objects, and pave half way from Omsk to Tyumen. Not a bad result! I want to thank you all for your support, and for following the project)
In honor of this event, I decided today to mark the date by issuing a new version of the map, with the number 0.3.1. Right here and right now)

Description of the map:

– Detailed landscapes of Western Siberia.
– The city of Omsk and the nearest villages (Marianivka, Lyubin, Krasny Yar, Lusino, Druzhino, Entrance, Bekishevo, Tyukalinsk, Krutinka, Abatskoe, Tushnolobovo).
– Functioning economy, custom companies regional, federal, international (Baikal Service, Magnet, Omsk Bacon, Agroculture, Ikea, etc.).
– Several complex interchanges made by hand, without using default singlemodel-prefabs.
– More than 150 custom objects, including stellas, houses, etc.
– Several small easter eggs that can be found by carefully examining the map.
– Correct most bugs of the first version.
– All auto dealers on map!


– A new section of the P402 route from Tushnolobovo to the Ishim was added, including the villages of Ravnets, Jubilee, Lozovoye, and the interchange to Kurgan (Ishim city itself is planned in the next versions).
– Changed interchanges near Krytinka and clover on P254 (corrections, switching to Italian prefabs, adding lighting, etc.)
– Added new objects.
– New firms have been added, including agrofirm Avangard and agroholding Yubileyny (Tyumen region).
– Bug fixes of the previous version are corrected (the road-killer Lyuban-Maryanovka is corrected, the bumps at the route Loris-Melikovo-Tyukalinsk are recycled).
– Fixed interaction of the map with DLC_Schwarzmüller, added custom skins for trailers.

Installation procedure:
– Rusmap 1.7.5 or 1.8! (Map, Def, Model)
– SouthernRegion 6.5.2 (Only Model files) (with the mandatory replacement of the file SRmap__Model3_.scs, the download link is below in the text .If the departures – disable the file SRmap_Map & Def.scs)
– SibirMap (Map, Def, Model)

ATTENTION: The map is started by a separate module! To do this, you will need to create a new profile and connect the mods before starting the game by selecting the sibir.mdb module.

DISCLAIMER: ATTENTION! On the map, project objects RusMap and Southern Region were used. All rights to the models belong to their authors.


The card is compatible with the traffic-pack from Jazzycat. Do not forget to update the traffic-pack up to version 1.31 compatible!

ATTENTION! Packs on trailers can replace the original skins for companies on the map SibirMap!

The game version for the map is: 1.31.

Necessary map dlc: (GE, Scandinavia, Viva la France).
DLC Italia for the game is not needed!
Fashion on the weather seasons can be unstable!

Official community of the map:



Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7

A huge request – keep the original links to the files! Thank you.
The Yandex Money of the author is 410014397417095.
Paypal –

More info: or

10avoid, Denlog

DOWNLOAD 1 MB def file
DOWNLOAD 108 MB Model2
DOWNLOAD 7.8 MB Model3
DOWNLOAD 39 KB TrafficFix
DOWNLOAD 58.5 MB SRModel3File

22 thoughts on “Sibir Map Alpha Version v 0.3.1 [1.31]

  1. Это конечно замечательно что обнова вышла, но хотелось, что бы она работала с юж. регионом версии 7.2.0 и рус мап 1.8.. Многие играют в связке карт от разных разработчиков. Не плохо было бы связать и с другими в виде переходов(фиксов и т.д.) так намного интересней. Если как дополнение к связке карт я бы ее скачал, а так пока смысла ни вижу,потому что играю в связке разных карт а с юж.регионом не подключиться так как версия 7.2.0. Ёще такой вопрос она совместима с Great steppe в связке с русмап и юж регион 6.5.2.

    1. Lilo is Good


      1. هادئ ليلو! ؛-) استخدم مترجم! 😛

        1. Lilo is Good

          So people can speak Russian but I cannot speak Chinese? How very nice of you guys…

          1. I did not mean that! You are mistaken! But you seemed to say that he came from another planet if he did not speak English! 😉 Personally, I use Google to translate, because I do not have to learn a language that is not mine! 😀
            And then, was mainly to relax the atmosphere and joke! 🙂

    2. NO!! Its mapa crashed !!!

  2. Well, kudo´s for the map although i´m not using it. Too much hassle to get it going. The last version needed a different version of the southern region map then the actual one, and they had the same name, and they are in the same it messes up things.
    I watch the videos and must say it looks really good !!

  3. Lilo is Good

    Is it compatible with ProMods?

    Just kidding, I’m not that moron, I have brain.

  4. Citydriver

    (Google Translation) Your description is wonderful, if everyone made such a description, there would be much less problems with this ETS-2 game. Thank you for the super explanation and your_ your work. Best regards Citydriver

  5. Compatible with Promods, Rus map, Russian Open Spaces, RK MAP Kazachstan and south region?

    1. Lilo is Good

      Finally, I am waiting for this kind of brainless comment.

      1. The description is too long for him! He fell asleep before he understood that it was an autonomous map! 😀

  6. Czy ma ktoś profil utworzony z tej mapy i by podał linka bo u mnie gra sie zawiesza caly czas

  7. Citydriver

    I wanted to try it for the super explanations. But unfortunately I had to quickly realize that there are some problems. Google translation!!!

    If I download the 7 pieces, how can I get for example (SOUTHERN REGION 1 and 2,) If I do all 7 downlorden I only have: sibir.scs / sibir def.scs / sibmodel.scs / sibmodel2.scs / sibmodel3.scs / sibirtraffic.scs / SRmap_Model3.scs, and I can not get more from the download. Maybe someone can help me. Google Translation!!!

    1. Citydriver

      Wenn möglich, ins Deutsche oder Englisch übersetzen. Google Übersetzung!!!

      1. Citydriver

        If possible translate to German, or English. Google translation!!!

        1. This map is a real puzzle to put it in action since the first time it appeared! Personally, I gave up a long time ago!

  8. so many “ATTENTION”, I’m out.

  9. Doesn’t work! It does’t work at all!!!
    Ver 1.31.x work? kidding?
    Fxxxxg Fxxk
    Neither the Russian map nor the Southern Region correspond to 1.31.x!!
    It’s all terrible!!!

  10. Doesn’t works!
    In the first place neither the Rusmap nor the Southern Region map correspond to Ver 1.31.x!!!!

    Uploading something like this is SUPER CRAZY!!!

  11. Павел

    Зачем делать карту на основе старой версии другой карты с разработчиками которой вы не дружите? Идея похвальная, видео хорошее, но собрать этот конструктор и оценить так и не смог. Приведите что ли все к общему знаменателю, будет вам честь и хвала!

  12. Can some one help me with the southern Region map

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