Side Exhaust 4×2


Credits to Scheffi
There is no Side Pipe for MAN, Iveco and Daf because they already had
Author: Nikola Kostovski


12 thoughts on “Side Exhaust 4×2

  1. All Credits Goes To


    1. NikolaKostovski

      Yeah Baba,right..21seconds
      And instead of MAN need to be Mercedes

      1. Thanksz Nikola

  2. Wher i can find it for the Magnum ?

    Cant find it at the tuningshop or at the seller.

  3. NikolaKostovski
    Just Add sideskirt and there is it

  4. It doesn’t work for me. I can’t see any changes in the tuning shop..

    1. NikolaKostovski
      Name Sideskirt Pipe
      Cost: 2560 €

  5. Sorry!!! TY so much!!;)

  6. It will be nice to have a real photo of the mod on the description..:0

  7. Where password

    1. NikolaKostovski

      in the readme.txt file


    witch version do this work on?

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