Sideskirts Plate for Scania RJL

[ENG] Sideskirts plate for Scania RJL with slot, for the template is the basic template of RJL works only in 1.36.x version 😉

[FR] Carénages plat pour Scania RJL avec slots, pour la template c’est la template de base du RJL fonctionne uniquement 1.36.x 😉

Facebbok page:

HorseeHorse Modding


4 thoughts on “Sideskirts Plate for Scania RJL

  1. you make me happy))
    Thank you

    1. Nice 1 ,are you planning to do for the scs scania?

      1. HorseeHorse Modding

        Yes 😉

  2. Thank you man great mod.. can you make backbumper too?

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