Signs on your Truck []

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This mod adds signs of noise, speed limits etc … for all default models !

List of changes in

▶ Added signs – signs: 22-1963, 23-1049, 30-1268, 30-1993, 30-3256, 30-3295, 33-1268,
33-1863, 33-1993, 33-3295, 33-3475, 33-1208

▶ Corrections to sii and text files

Tested 1.27.x



18 thoughts on “Signs on your Truck []

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

    1. Thanks for the video. Can I put a video in Steam Workshop?
      Thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks for this update

    1. Enjoy riding…

  3. future updates for scs format to pack mod please

    1. The “scs” is a “zip” format. You can also copy mod with “zip” extension in directory “C:\Users\###\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod (Windows 10)” and activate the mod in mod manager. Mod was done in Blender tools, and made according to the latest rules of SCS.

  4. Aland1989-SWE

    Can you make this compatible for the Scania R (RJL) Scania T (By RJL)

    1. Unfortunately I still can not do the trucks from RJL, ohaha and Madster, I’m really sorry to have to inform you that can not do it. I looked at their models and really no place for the signs. I would have to remove some parts of their trucks.

  5. alguien me puede ayudar, decirme como se installa este mod? por que la verdad no lo entiendo no me aparecen archivos SCS Y NO SE COMO INSTALARLO EN LA CARPETA MOD

    1. Mod with the extension “zip” ( copy to folder “C:\Users\###\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod (Windows 10)”, start the game, in the mod manager is required to activate the mod. And mod will appear in the game.

  6. Franz Meersdonk

    Sadly it doesnt work together with

    Is there any chance to get these 2 mods working together?

    It doesnt crash the game, but with your mod active, the “plastic”-mod doesnt work.

    1. Can you explain what’s going on with my mod and this mod?If there is an interruption would ask you to attach files “game.log” to pastebin ([url=]PASTEBIN[/url]). The “game.log” located in the directory “C:\Users\###\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Windows 10)”.
      Thanks in advance.

      1. Franz Meersdonk

        For me it seems that your mod simply “deactivate” the other mod. When i activate your mod in mod-manager higher than the other mod, the other mod just dont “work”. If i place it with lower priority, other mod works, but yours dont.

        I think it is because the other mod replaces parts of original Actros-Parts and your mod work only with “original” Trucks and not with “modded” trucks?

        I also noticed that when uding the “Scania Illegal” and “Scania T”. I can not place any signs from your mod to these trucks.

        Here is game.log from today.

        First time i activated your mod higher than other mod, second time i activated it with lower priority.

        1. First to thank you for your cooperation.
          I looked at your “game.log” file, see that you have a lot of errors and warnings. Of course that these errors and warnings are not of my mod. I think you have a problem with other mods.

          My mod may not work with mod “Tuning Accesories For All Trucks”. I think you have your answer and give yourself an answer why my mod does not work, I quote you “I think it is because the other mod replaces parts of original Actros-Parts and your mod work only with “original” Trucks and not with “modded” trucks?”. Each 3d model truck, has his own slots, and came to overlap.

          My advice: 1. Correct the errors and warnings. 2. Select the mode you want to use in the game. Of course it’s your choice, but take care to avoid collision.

          I wish you a pleasant ride in the ETS 2, greeting.

  7. Franz Meersdonk


  8. Preparation of a new update for mod

  9. A trial version is available. Add signs for chassis 8×4 Mercedes, Scania & Volvo. Currently polished signs.
    The trial version can be downloaded from this link [url=]sign_for_tru ver.[/url]


    Special thanks: 50keda

  10. Hallo, I download the mod from Steam workshop and I have a version 1.34* of ETS2.
    Unfortunately this mod Crash ETS2 when I start it after selection of gamer profile.
    Have you any ideas???
    I have some mods instelled on my game, also 3 trucks of Ohaha (Volfo FH and Daf XF).
    Thank you for your answers..

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