Signs on Your Truck & Trailer v1.0.3.35s

Features Mod:
– Adds about 400 signs for truck tuning
– Works with all stock trucks and some mods
– Compatible also and with trailers

– Adjusting mod compatibility with other mods
– Correction sii file
– Correction text file



7 thoughts on “Signs on Your Truck & Trailer v1.0.3.35s

  1. This mod does not work in any version, do not lie mod

  2. This mod has been working flawlessly for many years
    I think it’s some other mod of yours that conflicts with this one.

    1. No, I don’t have a conflicting mod, whenever I update and download the game, it says incompatible in the mod manager even though I downloaded the latest one.

      1. I don’t know how to help you but try this (I don’t know which game version you use)
        Open the mod with winrar find the manifest.sii file, open it and delete these 2 files: compatible_versions[]: “1.48.*”
        compatible_versions[]: “1.49.*”
        then save with memorization or store method (depends on your language) close everything and try in game.
        I think this could be the problem.

      2. RichyRich

        you need all of the DLC for trucks aswell for this mod to work. If you havent got them, then it wont work

      3. RichyRich

        You need to have DLC
        DLC – DAF XG/XG+ Pack installed!
        DLC – MAN TGX Pack installed!
        DLC – Feldbinder Trailer Pack installed!
        DLC – Krone Trailer Pack installed!
        DLC – Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack installed!

        1. Ciao, he gave little information, but apparently he’s not really interested, he didn’t give us any answer (this is his thanks).

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