Signs on your Truck v 1.0.98

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The signs look good for many imaging of your favorite trucks. Schedule signs on trucks are set like real life.
There is a possibility that bothers Mighty Griffin DLC and DAF Tuning Pack DLC, but then you do not have to set the signs, it is our choice what you want.

Changelog v1.0.97.4 —> v1.0.98:
– Added slot stickers to trucks:
•Scania R cab 2009
•Scania Streamline
•New Scania 2016 R
•New Scania 2016 S



3 thoughts on “Signs on your Truck v 1.0.98

  1. Good job! -)

    1. Thanks!

  2. SomeF1fan

    Does It work on mod vehicles? Or only default ones?

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