Signs on your Truck [v1.0.90.7]

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Changelog v1.0.89.0 -> v1.0.90.7:
– Added 80-1789 Hydrochloric Acid
– Added another place for ‘C1’ locator on Volvo FH 2009
– Added another place for ‘C1’ locator on Volvo FH 16 2009
– Added another place for ‘B1’ locator on Volvo FH 2009
– Added sign ‘TUNG LAST’
– Correction of ‘D’ locator position in DAF XF 105
– Correction of rear signs at chassis 8×4 (Mercedes, Scania, Volvo)
– Added speed limit. A combination of white background with black numbers

Special thanks: 50keda



12 Responses to Signs on your Truck [v1.0.90.7]

  1. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  2. kennifc1994 says:

    does it work for RJL ???

  3. Mo Tybo says:

    does it work with man tgx2010 by XBS?

  4. gamer says:

    disappointing, mod looks very good, but isn’t working. I installed it on the 1.28 version of the game and it refuses to show any of the signs in the configuration mode.

    • tobrago says:

      He does not work on that version (1.28) of the game.
      Many things have changed in the game.

  5. David says:

    Hello, does this mod works in 1.30? Thanks.

  6. bas says:

    does it work on version 1.30?

  7. rein says:

    upload (newest version) please

  8. tobrago says:

    The new update is available version 1.0.92
    Changelog v1. -> v1.0.92:
    [list]Added signs for new Scania R & S[/list]
    [list]Added signs for the UK right overtake[/list]
    [list]Added glass stickers to:[/list] Volvo FH 16 2012 & 2009, Daf XF 105 & XF Euro6, Iveco HiWay & Stralis, Man, Mercedes Actros 2009 & 2014
    [list]Correction of slot positions at Volvo FH 16 2009 truck[/list]
    [list]Added flags for England, Scotland and Wales[/list]
    [list]Changed position of the front sign “D” on new Scania[/list]
    [list]Changed position of the front sign “C” on new Scania[/list]
    [list]The corrected error in the Skania R Cab chassis problem was with the sideskirts[/list]
    [list]Fixed trailer coupling with Daf XF 105 truck[/list]
    [list]A little shine is reduced on signs[/list]

  9. Hinako says:

    now have 1.0.93 but here not download

  10. ColoHD says:

    1.31 work?

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