Signs on your Truck [v1.1.2.17] [12.10.2019]

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The new update is available version
Changelog v1.1.1.89 —> v1.1.2.17:
1.Duplicate vertices removed on several 3d models”
2.Added ADR sign “30-1120 Butanols”
3.Added ADR sign “33-2059 Nitrocellulose Solution, Flammable”
4.Added ADR sign “66-1556 Arsenic Compound, Liquid, N.O.S.”
5.Added ADR sign “66-2902 Pesticide, Liquid, Toxic, N.O.S.”
6.Added ADR sign “239-1001 Acetylene, Dissolved”
7.Added ADR sign “0333 Fireworks”
8.Added ADR sign “0362 Ammunition, Practice”
9.Added ADR sign “1045 Fluorine, Compressed”
10.Added ADR sign “X423-1428 Sodium”
11.Added ADR sign “X423-2257 Potassium”
12.Adapted mod for Renault T truck”
13.”TP Alvara” rounded corners
14.Added European Union flag (country codes)
15.Minor bug fixes
16.Correction *.sii file
17.Correction *.text file

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2 thoughts on “Signs on your Truck [v1.1.2.17] [12.10.2019]

  1. Where Ukraine? is not counted

  2. are they compatible with Eugene’s new volvo fh 1.36?

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