Silesia Rebuild in Poland v1.5.0

Version 1.5.0:
– New villages Pyrzowice, Mierzecice
– New City Zawiercie
– Added Pyrzowice Airport
– Opened S1 road from A1 to Pyrzowice and to Dk91 junction
– Added road from Pyrzowice to Szczekociny Dk78
– Opened the highway A1 from Czestochowa to Piekary Slaskie
– Added some signs on building in Katowice

Mod is about rebuild the southern lands of Poland region “Silesia” and the main City Katowice lot of improvements has been implemented.



2 thoughts on “Silesia Rebuild in Poland v1.5.0

  1. shame as its crashing came cant even go to Bytom 🙁 as its crashing it

  2. NVM got the latest one and its working XD well done

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