Silo Jelicic Combo Pack


Skin For Mercedes Benz MP4 and Silo Trailer.

Do not reupload, respect my work!
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Mr.SerbianTruck, SCS software, adarf33Mods, 21Seconds, Rommi TZ, Fred_be


5 Responses to Silo Jelicic Combo Pack

  1. zoso says:

    The authors of the trailer must also write in the description
    where everyone can read

    • Mr.SerbianTruck says:

      I did not know and it must stand u discretion, will write next time, thanks for the information

      • zoso says:

        no problem,
        I’ll explain if modders read their name
        they will continue to create other mod has for us
        otherwise disappear, that’s why.
        I do not gain anything

  2. popeye036 says:

    Dobar posao. Kad bi mogao da napravis skin firme “autotransport” iz Kraljeva. Hvala.

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