Silo Tanker


Hello. Adarf33Mods again.

This is a tanker trailer mod.

-> Standalone
-> AO Textures
-> Own Wheels
-> 18 Ton trailer mass
-> Low poly design and high quality


adarf33, 21Seconds


4 Responses to Silo Tanker

  1. osman says:

    Good model but there is no ao texture! Also it has some missing textures. Improve the model please.

    • adarf33 says:

      Sadece tamponda Ambient Occusion renderli dokulara sahip.Kusura bakma not etmeyi unutmuşum.

      Only bumper have ambient occusion rendered texture.I forgot to notice this.

  2. JESAN says:

    Original silo trailer from Satan 19990 to be found WITH textures, WITH various skins and NO BUGS in his trailer pack Lol

    • adarf33Mods says:

      There aren’t a adversiment place.
      Also people like this mod.Have got 590 download people like this mod shut up now.As you can use or don’t use.But you can’t adversiment here! Go away.

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