Silo trailer


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Just a quick adaption clearing out the mod folder may work may not thanks

satan1990 skinners of europe for edit


7 Responses to Silo trailer

  1. RomanianTrucker says:

    Thank you Thank you sooo much ive waited such a long time for a trailer like this.

  2. Piratxxx11 says:

    NO FILE… ??

  3. Diablo says:

    HD Test Video 1.26..

  4. Braakie says:




    • Braakie says:

      Cargo ‘cargo.sat.corn’: vehicles list is not empty! The list should be defined using the new directory-based mechanism.

  5. jesan says:

    Open sat_corn and sat_flour.sii files with Notepad and delete the vehicle line in them

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