Silver Griffin Benelux 2015 (RJL)


This is the skin, Silver Griffin Benelux 2015 R730, for Scania RJL.
If you use the “Silver Griffin 730” engine then the badge “R 730 and V8” become red on the grill and also the “Euro 6” badge on the door will be removed like in real.



30 thoughts on “Silver Griffin Benelux 2015 (RJL)

  1. Wheel?

  2. Link for the Wheels please.

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      I use the abasstreppas wheelpack 2.0
      I will include the textures and rim/tyres in a update.

  3. game won`t start with this mod !!

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      Try to to download again.
      There is a problem with one of the badge, will try to fix in a update.
      So you only get the skin 🙁

  4. Quent1_Fr

    This skin is perfect !!!

    1. JohnnyBoy59


  5. Like every skin from Borsuk 😉

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      Also I also skins from Alexandar _Lone_wolf, Borsuk and Da Stig 🙂
      But this is my first skin 😉


  7. For this version of the RJL Scania is this mod? It looks very nice!

  8. I put this skin in mod , then activated in mod manager, the game started, without problems, but, I don’t see this skin nowhere in the colors menu. I missed something, and don’t know?

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      I did see that the I upload the wrong file 🙁
      If you download again every thing must works.

  9. This is a nice skin and all….but where is it on the RJL? The skin is nowhere to be found on the truck itself!

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      If you download again you see your skin in your truck.

  10. Does not work you ####! We could fix it but since you blocked the mod, stick it up to your a$$!

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      If you download again then you see that I don’t blocked anymore 😉

    2. Laukester

      u probly cant even make a skin so stfu

  11. JohnnyBoy59

    If all you the skin download again the problems are fixed.
    Sorry for this 🙁
    But every things must works.

  12. Downloaded again, reinstalled, and now everything is ok.


  13. please collaroption

  14. please coloroption

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      there is only a silver option

  15. Amazing paint!

    1. JohnnyBoy59


  16. MarshallSantini

    Thank you for this texture! Its beyond amazing!!

  17. Amazing!!
    thx for the mod

  18. You can design for SCANIA R4 194L

  19. You can design for SCANIA R4 164L

  20. Seems that rjl changed a bit the template. I would like to adjust skin0 a little, but i can’t…

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