Silverline Tools Trailer

silverline-tools-1 silverline-tools-2

Silverline Tools Trailer Skin for the schmitz S.KO trailer by Rommi TZ
Tested on 1.25 & all was fine. Standalone & has its own cargo’s from 3 to 23 tons

please keep the original download link

hope you enjoy

Author: Novy313


2 thoughts on “Silverline Tools Trailer

  1. Why do not you add Matdom 1988 in the credits?
    Trailer Tz Express. Re-worked exclusively for ETS2studio Matdom1988

    1. at no point do i claim the trailer is mine, Just the skin. i mention TZ descrtiption but i will also put matdom1988 shall from now on,

      thanks credit police for your continued hard work ?

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