Simones Map 5.1


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Version: 5.1 simones Map
From Patch: 1.13.3
DLC’s Compatible: Yes
Author: Simone, Mapperin, team leader
User EjcSS_Trucker is my husband / treasure and help me with the map,
Non-binding, voluntary cooperation with HarryTuttle,
Help and support from the TSM team.

Simone, EjcSS Trucker, HarryTuttle


12 thoughts on “Simones Map 5.1

  1. Карта так себе.Не о чем.

  2. I Wish This Worked On Latest Steam Beta v1.14.x. Map Looks Great 🙂

  3. MidniteTrain

    I did not know that girls were interested in making map. If you are then very good.

  4. Can i use this with TSM 5.1.2 together?

    1. Nope, 2 maps CAN’T be use in the same time so the simones map will replace the TSM.

  5. UnableRogue

    Great work. I’m downloading now 😀

  6. ¿tiene los bilboard de publicidad giratoria?

  7. Which approx. area does this map cover? Same as TSM perhaps? Looks great from the video, I’ll definitely try it out when I can.

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    I’m not exactly ready to fully switch to ETS2 1.14 since the majority of mods & maps isn’t ready for that version as yet. So, I’m hanging with v1.13. On my game setup, I’m able to add RusMap v1.3.5 to this map & it seemed to run well with this map without any problems. I only had 1 crash to desktop probably due to my mods.

    2689km run done From Sint-Truiden to Volokolamsk(RU)
    2 parts………

  9. do you have to start a new game for this map?

  10. Teebeutel

    Wäre schön wenn Du das auch für die 1.14 raus bringen könntest

  11. DAF_Lover

    Downloaded this map. Fantastic! Some parts really test your skill. Delivering a trailer in Hamburg on a wet and windy night was FUN! Not as easy as some might think. Great map!

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