Simple Livery For RJL R & Streamline v 1.0

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This skin mod includes 2 simple fictional liveries.
Both include orange, red, yellow version.
Fit for all cabins.
Fit for all chassises.
Fit for almost all accessories.
Discover different combination yourself!

6 Series (Low) Grills
6 Series (Low) Bumper
Stock Sideskirts

KCR 58 (Game)


A PNG file of each repaint is included for you to make changes
if you don’t like the color I painted, or whatever.

You may also release your work for free but
Please write down my name and my Flickr page just like above.


V1.0 (2018-11-03)

KCR 58 (Game)


One thought on “Simple Livery For RJL R & Streamline v 1.0

  1. KCR 58 (Game)

    Your attention please, bug found. IF you also have my MADster E6 TGX repaint mod (, do not activate both at the same time as they may mixed together because of the same file names within the .scs file. I will update both mods later. Sorry and thanks for using my mods.

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