Simply Livery For Volvo FH by Ohaha (V1.0)

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This skin mod is compatible with part(s) from the following mod(s):

Volvo Tuning Pack DLC

Volvo FH 2009/2012 classic by Pendragon


KCR 58 (Game)

ATS Mods:

ETS2 Mods:

Game Videos:

Game Shots:


Tested in ETS2 V1.43

V1.0 (2022-04-24)

– Formal release

V0.2 (2022-03-05)

Added 8 skins for Volvo FH 2009:
– Skin 1 (A,B,C,D)
– Skin 2 (A,B,C,D)

V0.1 (2021-03-17)

Added 12 skins for Volvo FH 2012:
– Skin 1 (Logo A,B,C)
– Skin 2 (Logo A,B,C)

KCR 58 (Game)


One thought on “Simply Livery For Volvo FH by Ohaha (V1.0)

  1. KCR58_Game

    Download link is now updated to V1.1

    V1.1 (2022-06-29)

    Added accessories paint job mask for Volvo FH 2012:
    – New parts in v28.00 to v28.20 updates
    – All bull bars
    – All rear bumpers

    KCR 58 (Game)

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