SiSL’s Mega Accessory Pack feat Star Wars DLC

Mega-Accessory-Pack-1 Mega-Accessory-Pack-2 Mega-Accessory-Pack-3

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Cabin Accessories Mod requiring “SCS’s Cabin Accessories DLC”
While this pack previously had Turkish specific flags and pennants, it has grown up with many objects usable for any truck driver including co-drivers. This pack has included support for all official trucks plus DAF 50k, , Danz’s Mercedes Antos and Actros 2014, MADster’s TGX Euro 6, RJL’s Scania Modifications, Scania T and Sisu, Satan1990’s Scania 4, ohaha’s Volvo FH 2013

Co-Drivers: Yasemin, Ilhami and Melissa

Waters, Soda cans, Coffee mugs, Amulets, Car Freshners, Dream catcher, Soccer balls, Documents and many more with all animations where possible…

Also featuring Star Wars Pack

C3PO as your co-driver, enjoy R2-D2 as your guide like a compass *wink*. Stormtrooper, Yoda and C3PO Bobbleheads, Lightsabers, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Bobba Fett and Endor Helmets including YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon) , X-Wing, TIE Fighter toys.
Special thanks to: Star Wars Galaxies team (you’ll be missed) and many other modders who helped me learn from their mods and also SCS staff and mods. So I can specially say this is my first major mod, most of the items in this pack are my own work while characters and some items are taken from free 3D resources. Also SCS Tools and Blender2SCS. All work is done over Blender and UV mapping by Ultimate Unwrap 3D, also thanks to LEVEL and Auto Show magazines for making special covers for my request just for this mod 😉

PS: I also ask for criticism/help from experienced modders so I can fix if something not looking right.

Tested 1.21.1

Author: SiSL


28 thoughts on “SiSL’s Mega Accessory Pack feat Star Wars DLC

  1. Trucker Melli

    yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaa…thank you!!!!!

  2. thank you!

  3. Looks cool~

  4. thank you for sharing your wife or sister or female friend or your mistress or your bit on the side or the only hooker that accepts virtual money. but also thank you for sharing the cool accessories

    1. DerTuerko

      ### r u saying?

  5. This is prfect mod! THX!

  6. seleselenia

    they look awesomes! thank you!

  7. Which file should be copied ?

  8. Looks really good.

    Thanks !

  9. Gregson PL

    suuuper mod thank you 🙂

  10. beautiful mod and (anche le fighe)!!!!!!!!
    I would prefer less carafes, but more fun items
    and you can add Super Mario Bros, popey and olivia
    and a bit of metal – iron maiden eddy,
    not a criticism but just a thought
    thank you

  11. TCab ScaniaFan24

    it wontt exctract into my mods file :/

  12. RoadRunner

    one of the best mods out for ets2!!!! only one thing that i hope you can fix if posable! the passengers and the big R2D2’s when you try and use them in the right hand drive interiors are facing the wrong way other then that its a grate mod thanks

  13. Ce ias da o pula lu melisa

    1. Nerusinatule!

  14. Thank you SiSL for your work!
    And you can only do separately Melissa?
    Please !!!!!!

  15. You ###### ##### get a sense of humor or I don’t know, don’t be so freaking serious.. he was kidding and had some fun ideas..

  16. christophe

    super merci

  17. I have a problem, when I drive MP4 are out pictures of the girls.
    I took pictures—


  18. this mod crashes the game!i have 1.21 version and i don’t have active any other interior addons..please help

  19. Great mod !!! thanks


    Hey men awesome mod, could you add these characters in your next update version please, for now just one is available for SCANIA trucks but will be nice if they are available for the other trucks.

  21. Hello! I hope someone read this and writes me back!!!!!
    Is there some opperunity to make this mod for Costum Peterbilt 387 v5.

    I like american trucks more and this will be best for m truck 😀

    Sorry about bad english i hope you understand what i mean!!
    Best regards

  22. Same problem as Zoso.. All items in the cab show up using the exterior camera. Is there a fix???? Great mod otherwise. Thanks.

  23. Using v1.5.1. All items in the cab show up using the exterior camera. Is there a fix???? As of February 26, 2016.

  24. Since the first mod, all inside cab objects show with external camera. Using ETS2 v122.2.7. Sisl’s version is 1.5.1. Will there ever be a fix? Or an answer? Thanks.

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