SiSL’s Mega Accessory Pack feat Star Wars v 1.2.2

Mega-Accessory-Pack Mega-Accessory-Pack-3 Mega-Accessory-Pack-2

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New additions:
Baseball bat
Die-cast Skinnable Replicas (credits: SCS, see Customization.scs file for skins):
– Iveco Hi-way
– Scania Streamline
– Volvo FH16
– Renault Magnum
– Mercedes Actros 2009
Golf ball
Dalek Toy (Doctor Who)
4x Double Dices
HiVis RainCoat
Changed Garfield expression on the glass for better fitting where he is, but also new Garfield added for stand.
Fallout Vault Boy Bobblehead
Knitting basket (credits to Jokerine)
9x Poppy’s Fresheners
Xmas Trees (Big animated and Dashboard versions)
Taz Toy
Tool box
Turkish Insignia
Mini Wind Turbine Toy
Backgammon & Checkers Board
Trophy Cup
STAR WARS Additions:
X-Wing S-Foil Open Hang Toy
TIE Fighter Hang Toy
Darth Vader as Co-Driver
YT-1300 Millenium Falcon Hang Toy
Jedi Star Fighter Hang Toy
Lambda Shuttle Hang Toy
Rebel Insignia Hang Toy
Imperial Insignia Hang Toy

Version 1.2.2:
* Fixed objects for a problem that causes crash on OpenGL
* Fixed missing UI
* Fixed some spelling errors
* Knitbasket also to seat
* Fixed Briefcase
* Fixed Poppy’s Jasmine to be opaque as original
* Added support for various custom trucks.

Authors: Scs, Sisl

DOWNLOAD 77 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 77 MB [Mediafire]

6 thoughts on “SiSL’s Mega Accessory Pack feat Star Wars v 1.2.2

  1. Eline sağlık usta interior parçaları konusunda senden iyisi yok. Helal… 🙂

  2. I like your mod,but can you make big table?

  3. like mod please can pack one file basic is english version addons names

    1. There is english version in the pack… It is just “names”…

  4. WellTrucker

    I need the dlc for this addons?

  5. Joe the gamer

    Thank you so much, i can see it works fine with all my truck mods and default trucks, the download is fast, the Garfield on the windshield and the LORD VADER is awesome! Great 🙂

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