SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0 for 1.35

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This is update for SiSL’s Mega Pack ready to work on 1.35 Experimental Beta and future…



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20 thoughts on “SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0 for 1.35

  1. mein navi geht hiermit bei 1.35 nicht und mein board anzeige , warum ist das so

    1. Hat nichts mit dem Mod zu tun. Hab ich auf anderen Profilen ohne diesem auch. Einmal Spiel neustarten und dann erst einmal in den Truck steigen und starten. Keine Fracht vorher auswählen.

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on v1.35…

  3. Laszlo-Szabolcs Moldovan

    Hello! How to instal?

    1. wesoły Rozkurwiacz

      you play ets2 and dont know how to install mods ? Better you should play pinball or solitaire. this is more simple games for you.

      1. As if anyone will now how to install mods. You weren’t born a genius my friend so stfu

  4. Laszlo-Szabolcs Moldovan

    Copy to my documents ETS2 Mod and does not appear in my game and instal to pack

  5. ed colsta

    em busca de divertimento e entretenimento

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  7. Laszlo-Szabolcs Moldovan

    1.34 work?

  8. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  9. Please can anyone tell me how to add cabin slots into your truck by tutorial

  10. how do install the mod if there is no SCS file? w

  11. mi tablero se me puso negra

  12. mi tablero y mi navegador se me puso #####

  13. KamilOnTheRoad

    Does this work on Multiplayer?

  14. kobby crentsil

    The mod makes my navigation and dashboard screens disappear. Please fix it.

    1. same problem here

  15. Hi there,
    is it possible, that you cn update your addon, so that I can use ALL of it in the new Renault Range T?
    Some things (the sitting cat (I love cats :/ ), fan, etc. (and many more) are not showing up in there.

    thanks in advance 😉

    1. aah: I’ve seen it meanwhile in the steam workshop, tha you’ updated it already – many thanks! and my bad 😉

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