Skin DAF Dirty




26 thoughts on “Skin DAF Dirty

  1. Can you please make one for the MAN ?

    1. I will try to do)

      1. Very nice !!

    2. MAN has already been made)

  2. this skin is the best,такой бы на все машины 🙂

    1. I like it too. my first skin 🙂

      1. Can you just make it without Russia on the side, some people perhaps like me we almost “roleplay” in this game, and there is no point for me to be driving from my Netherlands based company with Russia on the side and no Russia to drive to even.

          1. Yes. it is this I rework!!!

  3. biautiful . please make one for the volvo 2009 ? 🙂

    1. first for the man, and then for volvo 🙂

      1. thank you . you best 🙂

  4. Please give a link to wheel

  5. Yes! The truck looks like its being used, not come straight out of the showroom. Yep do the same for the Volvo FH Classic please ? (-:

    1. Everything will be, but not right away 🙂

  6. And would you be so kind and for Scania T please!

  7. scania r2009?

  8. Where do I find those wheels? (on the truck)

  9. make a pack for all the trucks that would be awesome.:)

  10. The Best!!!

  11. please graphics mod

  12. RobViguurs

    can you make one for the peterbilt please? I would like that a lot. nice skins bro

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