Skin Dasquirrelnuts for Scania Streamline


This mod if for the Scania Streamline, works with all colours
repaintable in game!
Built on the streamline skin, changelog:
-Added squirrel logo on roof next to streamline
-replaced streamline on the side with squirrel
-added scania lion on the side
-added decals on the sideskirts with truckin’ nuts
-added logo on the back with ‘Sunday night truckin”
-added stripes on the front bumpers
-And ofcourse added a little ‘piss on renault’ on the truck ^^

Scs, kawagek


11 thoughts on “Skin Dasquirrelnuts for Scania Streamline

  1. For 1.9 or 1.8 or both ?

    1. Tested with 1.10
      I’m 99% sure it works with 1.8 and 1.9 as well!

  2. I think we should give the man himself some more recognition and for those who have no idea what this is about…

    Amazon Store:

  3. You do know that DaSquirrelsNuts name and logo are not to be used without his permission, and I dont see you gave him credit or permission was granted either. I have sent him an email to inform him of this upload as I doubt you even have permission to put it up on here.

    I suggest you remove it if im right as you have no right at all.

    1. Joe Alker

      He once bollocked someone for doing a skin “Squirrel Will Go Nuts” so he clearly doesn’t like it. To be honest I don’t like his whole attitude but rules are rules and copyright is copyright.

      1. DaSquirrelsNuts

        The guy made a Renault my name and logo on it. It was a troll and he didn’t ask permission. I would be interested to hear more about what you mean by you not liking my “whole attitude”. Please email me and let me know.

        And for the record, I do not mind this mod because it is done with good intentions. It would be nice to be asked though. Hell, if I like a mode enough I will even promote it.


        1. copyright or any other ####? man, get real, this is the internet and most probably 90% of people (me included) downloading or uploading mods from here they use a game copy downloaded from torrents … so who would give a #### if a guy is ok with others using his name or logo or other #### … not like you can call the internet police on people using your name , LOL

    2. I can use any logo I want, as long as I don’t make a profit from it or gain an advantage in any way. That’s why you see mods from ‘real company’ here, and not standard in the game. As far as I know I can use every logo on the internet as long as I don’t gain any advantage from it, and I clearly am not getting an advantage here.

      That’s how I think it works, if I’m wrong here he can ask to put it down and I will do. I searched for a way to contact him but didn’t find an e-mail so I sent him a tweet without reply untill now.

      1. He’s not that hard to track down really.. I posted 3 viable links of how to get in touch with him.

        Additionally, if you know of the ‘squirrel’ brand of sorts then you’d already know of the multitude of ways to get in touch with him.

  4. SimModder9000

    Pretty sure you need to ask permission before using the name / logos, its best to email him at [email protected] so that he can allow permission. Also he might give you the HQ textures.

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