Skin Eddie Stobart for Trailer Kassbohrer by XBS v 1.0

Eddie Stobart Trailer skin on the Kässbohrer, the trailer was made by XBS, now the trailer isnt ownable at the minute, so all you have to do is get to your job and click the cog and choose the trailer skin, ive also painted the wheels to match the trailer.



3 thoughts on “Skin Eddie Stobart for Trailer Kassbohrer by XBS v 1.0

  1. Nice. but where is the trailer mod? the only one i can find is for 1.31 and i Guess the carbo defs are not updated so it will not show up in freightmarked. do u have a link ?

  2. Shay Maclennan

    I LOVE THIS. I live in cumbria and this has mad my day… tysm

  3. Could you update to 1.40

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