Skin for Kenworth mr b spliner


Hi here i announce my new skin for the kenworth not detractinng from
skiners work but brian earlspliner says i cant skin a truck and do
mods eat your words brian lol this is simple one brian i throw down a
challenge you produce on mate and the skull i paint from scratch in
photoshop. i was strugling to find a file mate that is why i asked
skiner were to find it but no reply from mr skinner as he was busy

Kenworth_Long-Stas556_dmitry68 ian for the skin


53 thoughts on “Skin for Kenworth mr b spliner

  1. So i guess your not gona produce a skin then im like other guys on here dont sa i cant do it brian you dont even know me from adam . I dont see many contibutions from you apart from putting folk down ot persistently being critical

  2. Also brian if you know anything there isnt a template as such included with this truck so how do i do it then and how does skinner do it i know skinner knows but do you know if you do enllighten me ok . Like ive said before i do skins for ets only and request private times have gone were i put all my work up as some guys ruin it for those that appreciate skinners and modders and your slipping into that catagory with cheap remarsk not just to me but on the super girl trailor made by some other person

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Okay, skin for K100 (no template AND no one has done one yet)

      “cheap remarsk not just to me but on the super girl trailor made by some other person

      How is me correcting the incorrectly written title, a cheap remark? Now you’re just having a cry.

      You still have not showed that you can update the W900L to latest version, like you claimed (which is what I called you out on)..

      I never said you couldn’t make skins, I said, and I quote ” If you can’t figure out how to make a skin yourself you do not know how to update a truck model to latest version.”

      So until you show proof you can update W900L I stand by my comment. I will even apologise if I am wrong, but I think we both know I’m right.

  3. Mr Ianwigan, couldn’t help but notice that the skull you ‘painted from scratch in PhotoShop’ is actually a decal image available on line at the following site:
    Busted bullshitting? Hilarious… ####!

  4. You wont produce one because you cant brian and why should i upload somthing like i say brian guys like you ruin it with your cheap petty remarks thats why quite a few guys i know have given up posting skins and mods also like ive said you dont know me from adam so on that point you dont know what i do and what im capable of as regards mods n skins mmm does this site not have a ignore buttton anyhow brian carry on i wont produce anymore work for here and im sure alot of guys will thank you for that when another. Moder skinner goes

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Calling someone out on their bullshit is not petty.

      You are a liar. I was hoping you would admit the truth but I can see you are going to keep going round in circles.

      I don’t talk to liars, so I will not communicate with you anymore. Goodbye.

    2. Brian Earl Spilner

      “why should i upload somthing”

      Because you said you would. That is why. LOL

  5. And i stand by my comment ok . A dollar ps upload the skin you produced in the pic i need it for mine

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Guess you need someone else’s work to use to make your own.

      Like I said, obviously you don’t have the knowledge to upgrade a truck to latest version.

      You are a liar.

  6. Mmmm, Ianwigan, the skull that you ‘painted from scratch in PhotoShop’ seems to be available online at the following site?
    Busted bull###tting???? ####…..

  7. you asked me to prove i can so i did now you wont prove you can brian so erm stop throwing your ##### out your pram lol i dont need anyone else’s work havent you got work to do keeping the country on its feet this is the last time i respond to you brian your boring me now good bye

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      I asked you to prove you could update a truck model to the latest version of the game, like you claimed.

      I didn’t ask to see a skin LOL.

      You seem to be incapable of basic comprehension.

      1. Brian Earl Spilner

        P.S. I don’t need to prove anything because I didn’t make any claims.

        1. Brian Earl Spilner

          ‘big d’ got bored not being able to lie.

  8. what is big d enlighten me Brian and will you not get personal and go forth and multiply in small jerky movements thats as nice as i can put it anyway i look at it this way as long as your giving me your unimportant remarks you aint bothering anyone else least of all me

  9. Morning brian still not explained what a big d is

  10. Call myself ? Now what happend to being civil and explain proper what big d is meant to be ive really no ideas

  11. You still dont xplain in proper english what big d is i am being civil with you have i put u down in way or upset you if so ok no problem on my side i said earlier take the hand of friendship and we can get on and improve our game so you taking the hand of friendship amigo hombre

  12. Mean while i have things to do have a nice day brian

  13. there i go offer you the hand of friendship brian but hey ho no point mate as you politley put it i tell lies but there thats your opinion of me i cant help you with your thoughts and im not prepared to start arguing with you on here. i did ask you to explain properly what you mean by big d and not what you say above. but no you seem unable to do that simple task as i say you have your thoughts and to me your crying for attention and live a lonley sad life which you need friends brian anyhow personaly i dont give a S—- what you say or think if you dont like my skins dont download them i dont ask you to but try to stop living outside your capabilities as a inferior human and i still await what big d means i guess also who ever reads these comments by you must laugh when you cant explain yourself and making a fool of yourself i may even stop doing skins for here and you wouldnt be the cause of it as i wouldnt stoop that low to give you satisfaction mr big man behind is keyboard grow up little girl

  14. ### you on about cb your big enough come out with your cracks from behind your keyboard but not man enough say who you are ### brains so big are you and dont hide behind earlspliner you make me laugh sad person and if i was so called as you say on cb then softlad who are you not got guts to say have you hide behind your desk who is really botherd about you cretin

  15. yah what a name earlspliner you infactuated with fast n furious dream on reliant boy

  16. ive no clue what your on about big d brian and ive no idea how you come up with that at least i got guts you havent from what your saying hiding behind that name stop coming out with threats you cant and wont carry through

  17. i must admit you make laugh with you comments you still taking your tablets

  18. Ok brian you seem know me send me a email then ok see if you got the guts to do that if you dont then dont bother trying to give what you cant take #### head

  19. Kalash156

    “…the skull i paint from scratch in

    You didn’t make that “from scratch”, as someone has already proven, and you ignored their comment. And those other flames look like basic decals which you could’ve downloaded from anywhere. Downloading decals and then slapping them together in Photoshop into a skin in no way means you made it from scratch.

    I don’t know what the hell you two are arguing about, but this skin looks horrible! The flames look completely out of place, along with that flaming skull. This whole skin is basically the equivalent of a tribal arm-band tattoo that some douchebags get – it’s pointless, ugly, and shouldn’t exist.

  20. Look kalash its nothing do with you mate the point is if you read that brian earlspliner claims to know me ok ive asked him who or what big d is he refers to cb which i havent a clue about secondley he cant back his claims to know me up ive said to him email me if he has a problem and wants to carry out what he claims to know then like i say he has the upperhand ive no idea who he is and i dont give a #### ii will spell it out ok if he knows me personaly why dosent he admit it and also why dont he answer the question directly as to what big d is and cb radio i do know what cb is also i given him the oppertunity to email me and if he does know me then he knows where i am if he as a grudge against me then he knows were i am and he knows what to do like i say i dont know what big d is but im not hiding behind a keyboard and noway i am feeling threatend by the likes of him and i will also say this again he as the upperhand in that ive no idea who he is or were he claims to know me and hold some grudge but noway am i gona watch my back with him he has no guts at all and kalash he maybe be refering to somthing years ago but the #### wont say like ive said he can open his mouth on here and if he does know me can if he likes email me try to do what he likes personally coming out with keyboard warrior which you probably dont know what he is refering to i do like i say earllspliner saying is name is more real than mine lets see if he is also real or just a sick individual if he wants to try anything he is wellcome after all he is just a coward and one person who dont know what i know at moment that right im qauking brian you wanker

  21. We will see if he turns up or emails me or comes out with another lame comment to avoid being humiliated brian please email me i love you im sorry we split up and i miss you

  22. Volvodriver

    ianwigan send me a link to your skins and stuff id like to see them never saw something of yours 😉

  23. Ask wegger and a few others on here a link ok

  24. And i aint seen any of earl spliners skins

  25. Anyhow all folk get on here is #### so no more i will follow suit but spliner lets see if you got guts mate

    Good bye ets2 lt adios and its all due to #### you get on here by folks who dont appreciate others work and cant do things for there self and unless the owners of the site get moderators in its ruined by the likes of spliner ruining it for the decent folk

  26. Volvodriver

    are those your skins? nice ones by the way?

  27. Volvodriver

    oh scratch the last ? it has to be a ! 😛 greetings from Holland

  28. Yes volvo i do them as request i also have archbold and seeland like i say most skins i do by request on forum via email so your welcome drop a email if you want i dont know if you read but inenjoy the old truck scania 142 etc but aint seen any old 142 or merc powerliners on here yet if you want a skin and can supply a pic im happy to try volvo


    Hope this proves somthing

    Not directed at you volvo but if you do have request im happy to help

  30. I have done quite a few this is just small selection

  31. Volvodriver

    alright cool looks awesome well i’d like to have a skin for peerke’s volvo FH classic and krone trailer my dad drives for Schotpoort logistics in in holland the trucks are mostly volvo’s one scania R380 and 3 daf XF 105’s they mostly haul with paper for DS Smith (it was SCA first) with krone paperliners and a few megaliners they are dark blue with a orange ball on the sails and the cab how can i contact you so i can send some pics? take care have a good night school tomorrow take care!

  32. Volvodriver

    like to surprise him with this:P maybe you can help haha goodnight!

  33. If you goto forum and find mod request i will post for volvo there leave me a email address ok i will return you a email and you can send can supply details ok but may take couple of days for me to do it ok and i will try to get it spot on sca packaging i think they took over reeds in uk they had blue trucks?

  34. Night volvo

  35. Yep i just left a thread on forum for younthere can link pictures etc ok my friend wish you good night and will work on it for you cheers

  36. Earlspliner dickhead were you gone soft lad aint heard you for few days niether did you carry out your threats ####### you obviously knew me ok but like i said to you with your threats you aint got the bottle or guts to even email me ok i look forwards to the day you do email me or the time comes you slip up pal as you will your just a total wanker like your dad

  37. Called your bluff dont bother to threaten people when your not man enough go live like you always have like the lowlife you are people wil now see how yellow you are wait till we meet !!

  38. ha ha im pms l at you now aint you just given me one big clue? and who said anything about the law i didnt but you obviously do and erm manchester no wigan and why would i look over my shoulder for you and dont say i did it to myself when you aint man enough and thats another clue calling me a keyboard warrior brian pmsl dont you think the girl your with your gf is behind this guess so bring it on . and saying you wont be back is meaning that your frightend i know who you are to be honesst i dont give two monkeys grow up obviously she didnt learn anything if she had she would of been better ditching you total waste of time which i guess she will realise soon so carry on brian pmsl and erm hows your uncle brian has thats whos name brian is now chat soon .

  39. i also said to you email me ring me you wont so like i say dream on

  40. and i will also say you and her are making a rod for your own backs ive reported you on here to site admin and i hope you realise your not as smart as you think you are

  41. trucker17

    Does anyone know where this skin can be downloaded at.
    The link no longer works.
    Thank You.

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