Skin Ital Trans for Iveco Hi Way

There is not the manifest
Ver: 1.30



4 Responses to Skin Ital Trans for Iveco Hi Way

  1. JoachimK says:

    Good morning, zoso,

    Auguri di felice Anno Nuovo

    I like your Skin and I got it just now.


    • zoso says:

      Ciao Joachim, thank you for the happy new year.
      This is an old skin of mine, but I do not want it (I would have added inf mod manager)
      My original link expired, and someone thought to upload it.

  2. Fred_be says:

    Very beautiful skin Zoso
    My best wishes to you and the whole family


    • zoso says:

      Ciao Fred_be thanks, I also wish you all the best and to all your family.
      Sorry if we have not heard before, but I would not bother people with my regards.
      I was very pleased to hear from you and thank you again.

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