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This is a update from a another Skin Pack. This will include the DAF XF Euro 6 and DAF 50K. Also it works with game version 1.41.x

Author: 013Stijn013


5 Responses to Skin Pack

  1. RobViguurs says:

    and what companys are all in the pack? does it works with 1.11.1?

    • 013stijn013 says:

      the companies that are inside are:

      – Bakker groep
      – Claassen
      – DHL
      – GVT
      – Jumbo
      – Nvidia
      – Schenker
      – Versteijnen

      That are a few companies out Tilburg Holland.

      It works with every game patch.

    • Gnitto says:

      why would any modder make something for such an old version?

  2. dutch guy says:

    @013Stijn013 ik werk bij Claassen Tilburg đŸ˜€

    • 013stijn013 says:

      @Dutch guy

      Mijn pa werkt daar ook.
      Misschien heb je al wel is een paar foto’s op fb voorbij zien komen xd

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