Skin Pack Bischof Transport

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Hi all

_DAF XF 105 all Cabin

_MAN TGX & MAN TGX Euro 6 all Cabin

_VOLVO FH16 2009 & VOLVO FH 2012 all Cabin

_Iveco Stralis Hi-Way

_Mercedes-Benz Actros & Mercedes-Benz New Actros all Cabin

_Renault Premium all Cabin


_Standard Trailers

_DLC Krone

_DLC Schwarzmuller
Tested: 1.35

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6 thoughts on “Skin Pack Bischof Transport

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Wrong color.

    1. you are the wrong color muhahahhaha scumbag

      1. You are a Trucker and you know this Company in real Life? We’re trucking her Trailers and it´s ok for me. Otherwise, you should stop to insult People. Your Comment is ######. 🙁

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          Wo wird hier jemand beleidigt? Denkst du bevor du schreibst?

          Natürlich kenn’ ich Bischof. Auf seinem Vorschaubild ist das Gelb zu hell.

          & @ Tarkan: Shut up, little boy 😉

  2. The color has been checked well before placing it
    But if you see that the wrong color can you send a message to me on Facebook and I will send you a file from which you can modify the color

    1. You will be rewarded for your intelligence

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