Skin Pack Spedition Hohner v 1.1 for Scania S Next Gen Tandem

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Hello my friends
Skin Pack Spedition Hohner V1.1 for Scania S Next Gen Tandem

Cabin High Roof & Normal Roof

You will need this mod: BDF Tandem Truck Pack v103.0
Tested: ETS2 1.34
This skin also works with mods:

_Lowdeck Addon for Scania S&R Next Gen

Cabin High Roof Raised Spoiler & Normal Roof Raised Spoiler

_Big Lightbox Scania S&R Next Gen

_Extended Sunshield for Next gen Scania

_Scania S&R CMI Brown & Beige Interior
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2 thoughts on “Skin Pack Spedition Hohner v 1.1 for Scania S Next Gen Tandem

  1. Realy great work! Thank you for sharing!
    Maybe this is the next one for “Tinka” 🙂

  2. KrokettenKalle

    Endlich macht jemand ein Skinpack für diese Spedition :DDDDD

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