Skin Scania S Tomo Transport

skin for Scania S high roof Tomo transport with Ekeri ownable trailer,mods needed:50k legendary addons,Ekeri trailer by kast,Scania S&R Extended Front Bumper 1.31.X,bullbar Hypro by 3DMA,;you can share this mod on other site BUT USE ONLY THE ORIGINAL LINK,PLEASE RESPECT THE WORK OF OTHER PEOPLE !!!



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7 thoughts on “Skin Scania S Tomo Transport

  1. Headlights are private????

    1. Scania NextGen R&S Custom Headlights link :

  2. ИгорьОК

    Да модик на фары можно где нибудь взять?

    1. Scania NextGen R&S Custom Headlights link :

  3. TeddyBear

    Pretty cool but you forgot credits to original author which is Simen Olsen.

    1. sorry my bad I thought the author of the mod was vlad_ivzh,I apologize to Simen Olsen

  4. Jimmy Vabis Kristoffersen

    Meg game is crash after i connect this mod in mod manager 🙁
    can you fix this please

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