skin volvo fh16 2012 punisher 1.37

skin volvo fh16 2012 punisher 1.37

skin volvo fh16 2012 punisher by rodonitcho mods 1.37

rodonitcho mods


13 thoughts on “skin volvo fh16 2012 punisher 1.37

  1. Another stupidity of Rodonitcho!

  2. Bender0187

    the skins are badly made, they are not compatible with the DLC Volvo tuning, look at the paint on the wheel arches, it looks ugly

    1. Everything he makes is made this bad or even worse.

  3. Its time to fckn stop with these Mass product 30 second effort junk skins. Dude if everyone would upload 20 skins with just a picture on the side and the back. This website would ne renderes useless. Make something creative and high quality for example a paintjob from any company around the world. Because then people would like you more. Nobody besides you uses these “mods”

  4. All users: Report rodonitcho post massively as spam

  5. cachiporro

    Reportarlo todos como spam
    Reportarlo todos como spam

  6. cachiporro

    Report it all as spam

  7. de la merde arrêt de pourrie les site de mod ets avec tes skin moche et qui ne serve a rien

  8. apprend a skiné au lieu de mettre des merdes pareil tu fais honte à la communauté de skineur dont je fais partis même si je n’en télécharge pas ici pour des raisons personnel. Mais de ton coté abandonne t es vraiment trop naze

    learn to skate instead of putting #### like you shame the community of skaters which I am part of even if I do not download here for personal reasons. But on your side give up, you’re really too ######

    1. ?????
      Il n’est pas capable de comprendre, cet pauvre con. Il est ignorant et je croire, il est protégé sur le Site-là. Ou c’est plutôt un Manque de Vérifications des Mods.
      Une grande Honte pour la Communauté, une Visite au Hôpital psychiatrique
      va-lui peut être aidé.

      He is not able to understand, this poor i*diot. He is ignorant and I believe he is protected on the Site. Or it’s more like a Lack of Mod Checks.
      A great Shame for the Community, a Visit to the Psychiatric Hospital
      go him can be helped. ?

  9. banthisspamer

    rodonitcho garbage´s skins

  10. Same #### as always from the spammer rodonitcho…..
    Can you at least make one GOOD LOOKING skin instead of spamming with these ###### looking things….
    My eyes are in pain…..

  11. He did not understand.
    On another Site he is going on with his kiddy and Garbage “Skins”.

    This Spammer must be stopped, before all Sites are dumping…

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