Skinpack “Bautrans Lauterach” / “Felbermayr” V2

bautrans-lauterach-1 bautrans-lauterach-2 bautrans-lauterach-3

Software used: Pixelmator

Tested on 1.26.x

v2 with skins for:

DAF XF 105 SuperSpace Cab (mirror / door handle color fixed!)
Scania RJL Topline Cab
MADster’s MAN TGA /w heavy bumper
MADster’s MAN TGA /w normal bumper


Text for sunshield on MADster’s TGA included – give this skin pack a higher priority than the truck mod to have the Bautrans-Logo on the sunshield.

Special Shoutout to all my friends.

Have fun and keep on trucking,



4 Responses to Skinpack “Bautrans Lauterach” / “Felbermayr” V2

  1. Alex82 says:

    Hello you can do this skin for truck scs please?thanks!!!!!i like felbermayr!!!!

    • FarmerBeavis says:

      the Felbermayr? Sure, I have some Bautrans Scanias in the works anyway so there should be another version in a few days with a Felbermayr skin for the R 🙂

  2. Alex82 says:


  3. Alex82 says:

    Felbermayr for scania scs and volvo fh 2012 scs please!!!!????

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