Skins for Kast’s Trailers

This pack adds Fabry85’s skins from freightmarket for ownable trailers.
I’ve added all skins from freghtmarket for Kraker and Ekeri trailers. Also i’ve added 3 skins for VAK trailers.
All rights belong to Kast and Fabry85.

Kast, Fabry85, svolo4


4 thoughts on “Skins for Kast’s Trailers

  1. A fair few of these skins are also by Ogentor. Some correct credits could be nice 😉

    1. That´s right, Ogentor.
      But today a Lot of Skinners “forget” the real Authors. 🙁

    2. supersvolo4

      Sorry man! I was sure, that you made only some textures (misunderstood credits), in next update I will correct this and you’ll see your name there!

      1. No harm done mate, after all it it is just a def edit. And i’ve gotta say nicely done and organized mod. Spares me alot of work ?

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