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– Put .scs file into mod folder of following directory.
– XP C:/Documents and Settings/USER NAME/My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
– Vista/7 C:/Users/USER NAME/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod

– Delete *.scs file

Author: unknown


29 thoughts on “Skip Intro

  1. Mod-Loller

    reuploaded old stuff that don’t work anymore in latest version.
    because the mods are activated after selecting the profile, this mod is pretty senseless…

    1. Works on 1.3.x version with using -force_mods command line parameter.

      1. Mod-Loller

        with forcemods you can’t use different profiles with different mods…

        1. No doubt, but there’s no other way to skip intro now, just using something similar mod like this with -force_mods. 🙂

      2. saidstempelplat

        sekip verifaction

    2. keren

  2. Not work on v1.3.x

  3. werkt wel maar zie geen verschul

  4. Bart van Ham

    It’s astonishing too see that you guys are too lazy to tap “escape” two times…

    1. Maybe we are too lazy, but with the next patch comes the -skip_intro command line parameter… Fortunately SCS thinks on the “lazy” modders. 🙂 Very funny when we testing an “under process” mod, starting the game again and again and need tap the escape two hundred times.

  5. whats the point you can press ESC to skip the intro thingys

  6. Abdul salam


  7. Thanks for file

  8. Mobile verify

  9. Hai!+

    1. Ratanaram


  10. Human verify

  11. arpad_dexter

    you can edit the shortcut (add ” -nointro’) at the end of the target 😀

    1. Kapila Prasanna Kodithuwakku

      Please remove the mobile certification

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  13. Ghiiccicifigi

  14. Nice

  15. Euro truck simulator 2

  16. Download

  17. Pawan shigwan

    I want to unlock game.

  18. Pawan shigwan

    I want to unlock the game by throwing the case of verification.I am think ing that when I will play the game.

  19. Punith kumar

    Tamil nadu

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