SKM UK Extended Map V1.0


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SKM Extended map brings more depots and variety to the UK, as lets face it the UK has been abandoned, at SKM we hope you enjoy our UK extension map, big thanks to all our testers and Eliximus for promoting the map

Improvements Include
New Road Textures
More Choice of depots in the UK
New Cities

Can be uploaded to other hosters but MUST use original Link

ScaniaLAD, Matt Turley AKA Keyblade


10 Responses to SKM UK Extended Map V1.0

  1. Darsh71 says:

    Hi. when i use it, all offenses cost me 0 euro

  2. Olivia says:

    What new cities are there? đŸ™‚

  3. mac says:

    please add city derby and near there assemply plants Toyota and Honda

  4. marcus ice says:

    what is this map compabile with

  5. Danny says:

    Can confirm that it works fine with latest version of TSM map.

  6. finn says:

    its weird that it works in conjuction with a real company mod “more realistic without producing crash, but mostly its weird to see british national companys all over europe, weirdest of them all a vauxhall factory near prague

  7. Steve says:

    game crashes whenever i click a buton

  8. geoff1 says:

    the maker is a w===er

  9. geoff1 says:

    he is a kid and talks to u like a piece of s==t

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