Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI

Sedan and Variant




75 thoughts on “Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI

  1. オオシタユウジ

    Toyota Crown Crossover Please

    1. i don’t have this car

  2. Cool mod bro! can you make Volvo XC40 next please

  3. Nice choice, you make good mods. The only thing you should fix are the way you make engine. Accelerations are not bad but when you stop pressing gass it stops immediately and it feels kinda weird.

    1. i test bro the brake it normal

      1. you do it all the time, try mod from other modders and you will see the difference

  4. This is interesting i will try it

  5. Jalapeño boy

    WOW THANKS! Will you make Fiat Panda???? plssssssss

    1. sorry this car it not good

  6. turbo_opel

    Can you make Opel Astra L or Opel Vectra B?

    1. can you make bmw ix

    2. mabye opel car model 2023

      1. pls vectra b or a

      2. turbo_opel


  7. interesting, its interior need to some edit and interior texture please do this to be perfect car

    1. yes i will fix and rebuild i will update next time this first version

      1. nice job

  8. Liron Aliu

    Wayy thanks now make it from 2006

  9. when updat peugeot 208

    1. next time i will rebuild this car all and i will add a lot of animations

  10. Aston martin db11 and new range rover vogue please

  11. pls vw t4 2003

  12. YAHIA ABID please can you make pejo 2008 everyone wants it so much please

    1. Bruh nobody wants an awful peugeot ha ha ha

      1. The car is not terrible, your ignorance is terrible The car is not bad, your ignorance is bad, so don’t go crazy you crazy hoahahahaha.

    2. NO peugeot

      1. why not?

  13. Please make YAHIA ABID peugeot 2008

  14. pls peugeot 2008 car plss YAHIA

  15. please mercedes A45s 2021

  16. Very nice skoda. Can you add 2003 volvo s80 / s60 or 2003 volvo v70?

  17. Renault Clio v6 that car would be sick to drive in ets2!!!!!! XD aaaand Renault megan RS throphy 2023 I hope u guys can make those two sick cars 🙂

  18. a Ford Fusion 2004? maybe?

  19. bmw ix ?

  20. Can You do a 2021 Skoda superb Mod for ETS2? Yahia.

    1. Hopefully he can i also want this car aswell

  21. Will you make peugeot rifter 2023 YAHIA ABID

  22. YAHIA ABID peugeot rifter please make this vehicle into ets 2

  23. YAHIA ABID, Peugeot rifter, can you make this vehicle please?

  24. Peugeot 407 please

  25. again a crappy unfinished mod, like all the mods you updated..

    1. I agree with you bro

  26. Opel Astra L, pls!!!

  27. Wigmore VTC

    skoda fabia combi mk1

  28. オオシタユウジ

    Toyota 2010 Crown Royal Saloon late model please

  29. Looking at all the comments here, I couldn’t help but wonder why y’all are so primitive and backward, Peugeot this Peugeot that, Opel this Opel that, can’t someone be current enough to request for a latest car like Range rover or latest mercedes Benz cars? Where were ya’ll when Yahia Abid was making so many Peugeot cars and now y’all want more and more Peugeot cars? Una dey mad?

    1. turbo_opel

      If you want Mercedes and Rande Roger, write a comment and if he wants, he will do it. Not only Mercedes have new models, other brands too. Everyone wants what they like.

      1. And here comes an OPEL GUY😂

        1. Only kids wants new Mercedes or Range Rover

          1. Equality for all car manufacturers

            your all w a n k e r s wanting plastic souless cars that all look alike with no character at all, you all not even petrol heads, no nothing of cars, your all boring gen Z boot lickers

          2. Tell me you are kid without license without telling it. Dont talk about car soul if you dont know what you talk about. Older cars will always have more soul than brand new lamborghini, tesla, mercedes etc

          3. Equality for all car manufacturers

            wow, lets all type in broken english, as for “car soul” i own a 71 ford xy falcon 302ci windsor v8 which was once my fathers and a everyday junk box toyota, and my missus drives a suburu, which i hate. yeah im a kid, with wheels ####

          4. Equality for all car manufacturers

            im old enough to date your mum dusan

          5. Crying in every mod comments this guy makes about what he should make instead is just being kid. Told you that before, nobody cares about you, your life or your wishes. If you want a mod go make it your self instead of being boring kid in comments.

          6. Equality for all car manufacturers

            your still a chronic W A N K E R…. bro lol, and ill keep on going for as long as there are always S H I T mods, “make your own mods” unoriginal comment, try harder, learn to string a sentence together that makes sense, jibbar jabber Gen z wokey aint ya??? l m a o, you keep telling him his physics file is garbage, stop crying and make your own, its not hard, there i did what you did, make your own garbage, wow anyone can sound like you, generic

          7. Equality for all car manufacturers

            come on DUSAN, i want more mmmmmmmmmmmm

          8. ATS Trucker

            come guys, this is not productive. Dusan please dont engage with this guy, hes a troll, i will however give him some credit tho because as his tag suggests i have seen him post up that he wanted to see muscle cars and such from the 60s onwards and other brands from around the world and not just europe, im not defending him, but as an american, i myself get little choice in cars, im using Tiozao Gamer’s barracuda which ive kept updated and error free, and the recent VW Gol Quadrado which yahia has been credited for i believe. and yes you should know by now how to open scs files and edit sii files, then you can edit them to your liking, Yahia has said hes learning and hes improving every time but at least he listens and tries to fix whatever problems there are, there are not many car modders here, and i for one am thankful he’s here

          9. Equality for all car manufacturers

            thanks for the troll comment ATS Trucker, but the bridge here in these forums i live under is full of, well you know, those who cant look after themselves, i mean Dusan, come on guy, you never came back, i miss you buddy, we had a great relationship growing, i miss you BRO

  30. please can you make Daihatsu Materia 2009

  31. pls make bmw m3 g80

  32. the next car it model audi

    1. YAHIA ABID, mercedes cla 180d amg pls?

    2. Pls, Opel Astra L

    3. turbo_opel

      Opel Astra L, pls!

  33. venci_dimitrov

    ariii beee 6 dena kola ne slagateeeee

  34. the next car it renault master 2020

    1. turbo_opel

      After that can you make Opel Astra L?

      1. i think it in game this car

  35. Paul Ionescu

    Please make an Audi A6 C7 facelift (2015) 2.0TDI ultra. Can you?

    1. i finished this car just i will upload next week

  36. Jalapeño boy

    Toyota Rav4 pls?

  37. Jalapeño boy

    Seat Alhambra pls?

  38. YAHIA ABID mercedes cla 180d amg this vehicle mod is in gta 5 can you take it from gta 5 and convert it to ets y2, so can you bring this vehicle to ets 2 please adjust the interior please we want this vehicle very much we are all waiting


  39. Mercedes CLA 180D AMG, this vehicle is also available in GTA San Andreas, can you please bring this vehicle to ETS 2?

  40. Yo, can you please make a SKODA OCTAVIA II 1.9 TDI?

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