Skoda Octavia RS BETA

– Improved Model from Skoda Superb (need works)
– Octavia RS Wheels
– Original Skoda Logo
– 2 Engines
– You can add VRS Logo
– Find in all dealers

VS Mods, Traian


15 Responses to Skoda Octavia RS BETA

  1. Niklas says:

    Rather “V1 Skoda Superb RS

  2. costi says:

    please create Bmw M3 E46

  3. fachiru says:


  4. Kei says:

    please create mod a International Prostar or Peterbilt 587 after….

  5. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    It is not an octavia, but a superb with the headlights cut

  6. Kymoko says:

    Plecase create a volvo xc90 or xc60.

  7. Rolyy says:

    I hope to be read this comment

  8. kevin simioli says:

    this mod and version 1.30 I have other versions ???

  9. DieBratwurscht says:


  10. SRIRAM says:


  11. shamasnh6 says:

    the best mod in euro truck simulator 2

  12. Stephen Butler says:

    Why must we be forced to sit through adverts for porn and all sorts of dreadful stuff in order to drive a car mod? Can you not upload to, say, Mediafire or Google Drive? No, I expect you have some sort of entitlement complex that you somehow deserve to make MONEY from this mod. There’s no telling some people – criticising the fact that they want to make money from as little work as possible makes people reel back in shock – what? Of COURSE I want to make money by adapting someone else’s mod. I don’t want to click a button that says I am 18+ and/or allow notifications to install Java so that adverts for Asian Teenage Whores can appear on my desktop. How am I going to explain THAT to my wife? All because you want to make money. It’s hard enough, if you’ll pardon the pun, to get my wife to understand why I play the game in the first place. Jesus Christ on a Union Jack Scooter! Grow up, create your own mod, stick it on Google Drive and then look for some legitimate way to make money. x

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