Skoda SuperB for 1.31

With ETS 2 1.31 changed some def codes, I added that changes to standard skoda mod. Do not reupload.

trzpro, SCS


8 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB for 1.31

  1. thx for updating

  2. On, look…
    Yet another car with Skoda interior
    Now matched

    1. Lucasdriver70

      It is a Skoda… he has Skoda interior. You understand ?

  3. Transmission isn’t functional.. fix or don’t upload

  4. It would be nice if someone improved the original Skoda with support for cabin accessories, indoor light or animated gearbox. But I’m afraid that nothing has been improved here. I just hope you didn’t make it worse.

  5. where can i buy this car?

  6. The engine does not sound to the inside, the steering is right side, the sound is coming out, the sound does not come on the left side, the engine sound comes from the outside, one does not come from the left side on the right side, please fix!!!

  7. Leaguage of Legends

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