Skoda SuperB Mod Base

I made a project that’s for make skoda modders job easier.

I based it on skoda added and removed unnecessary files. (modbase branch)
Also “master” branch is pure skoda.

I am sharing it on GitHub because i am going to fix forward bugs and you could see how i did.

What i added
-Automatic gearbox animation
-Materials and textures locates at /materials and /textures subfolders
-Cabin DLC support
-Removed unnecessary scout wheel accesories
-Removed exterior interior
-Added mod manager information files
-Added few materials and textures these would be needed while converting

Click yellow download button that placed on right top corner then click download zip.

Download via git
git clone



2 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB Mod Base

  1. Mondialw98

    Can you make a tutorial about cars moding ?

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