Skoda SuperB RS Edit by Edgar V2

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– Adapted to 1.31
– Version Stock & RS
– Original Interior & RS
– Front Grill Changeable
– New engines 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TDI with 1000HP
– 4-Wheel traction
– Double brakes
– Double of resistance and tire grip
– Double air resistance
– 500L deposit
– 7 gears
– Blue speedometer
– Rim pack with:
· Original Wheel biggest
· Rotiform BLQ-T
– 2.0 TSI Turbo 1000HP
– 2.0 TDI Turbo 1000HP

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9 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB RS Edit by Edgar V2

  1. We have just 1.32 beta and it begins with “Cars”
    1000hp ??? Unreal and s h 1 t…

  2. And they follow the useless mods. Why not try to correct some of the errors of the original mod: automatic mode, hitch with the car trailer…? What the hell do we want an in ETS 2 a 1000 hp skoda?

  3. EdgarMods

    Update: Fixed deposit on Standard chassis

  4. Gregory T

    First of all it’s fwd and it doesn’t have four wheel grip as advertised, besides this the car can not handle 1000hp and the transmition is trash

    1. EdgarMods

      The car has the double of brakes and tire grip, so it can handle 1000hp and the transmission works fine

  5. why this is a truck sim not car sim so please go and do one with your dam cars.

  6. enough with the SKODA

  7. why not make another car?

  8. do a car Balilla please

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