Skoda Superb RS Reworked

skoda-superb-rs-reworked-1 skoda-superb-rs-reworked-2

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– 2 Types of Chassis: normal and low
– 2 Types of Engines
– Manual 6-speed Transmission
– Interior with RS Style Steering Wheel
– Front Grill changeable
– New Sport Wheels
– Original Skoda Logo
– Maximum Speed 247 km/h
– Support all DLC
– 2 Skins: Pilot and Police

Tested Game version
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4 Responses to Skoda Superb RS Reworked

  1. tomer says:

    Does not work..

  2. Liu says:


  3. D says:

    TruckersMP deserve to in the credits

  4. ImPlayingGamesLmao says:

    How to turn on police lights on?

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