Slots for Alls trucks SCS


Compatible 1.23/1.24
For Scania RJL, T, Man by Madster, renault T RTA, all original trucks SCS

Balbo , DylanMPower


8 Responses to Slots for Alls trucks SCS

  1. Maks-80 says:

    I do not work, empty accessory slots.

    • DylanMPower says:

      you have to put your mods and accessories in the mods list

      • Maks-80 says:

        Надо какой то еще мод дополнительно ставить? К этому в добавок.

  2. DylanMPower says:

    There ‘re no accessories it is for you to add them to your list of mods

  3. SlavikSD says:

    Empty slots, no lights

  4. AlexO321 says:

    Downloading 50k tuning or DAF XF (50k) may fix problem, because when i haved v1.3.1 and i installed maghetto’s tuning pack, but i make a mistake and i don’t install all mods, when i want to put lights on bullbar, rollbar, the slots was empty, because i don’t install mod but when i installed all mods, all lights appered on slots… if don’t work, contact author…

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