Slots for the Volvo FH2012

Here are some slots for various Volvo FH 2012 trucks.

These slots should work with:
– SCS Volvo
– Eugenes Volvo / reworked Volvo
– RPIE’s volvo
– other mods based of the SCS or Eugene model

See the picture for the options with these slots.

No lights or lightboxes are included, because I didn’t make them.
Everything in this mod was made from scratch, because stealing isn’t cool.

Please don’t re-upload this, looking at you dodgy mod sites 😉

– Polltrans_ets2

Polltrans_ets2 (instagram)


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One thought on “Slots for the Volvo FH2012

  1. thegamesyoutube1

    Hi, which pack do you use for the bottom lights? If it is a paid mod can you send me a link then?

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