Slovakia Map by kapo944 v 6.2.8 1.36 VIP

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New version of Slovakia map for ETS2 game 1.36 VIP
Need to own DLC:

– compatible with version 1.36
– fixed bridge on Highway D1 near Hybe
– new cities from VIP : Nitra, Vráble, Filakovo, Rožňava, Vranov part II, Brezno

1. This is VIP version, you can buy it on our web site and then we send you download link. Or you can try free version
2. Extract with WinRAR.
3. Go to the mod folder “My Documents, Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod and paste the files”
4.Turn on the game, create a new profile.
5. !Activate, It’s a standalone map. You will need to create a new profile, and change the game module from Europe to slovak.mbd.! You can continue with your profile when you played our map previously
6. That is all.

You can find us via FB or site

/kapo944 / Maťo

DOWNLOAD 544 MB [mirror]

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10 thoughts on “Slovakia Map by kapo944 v 6.2.8 1.36 VIP

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much indeed

  2. Buy? Why? Hey, man, didn’t you realize that everything is in good faith here! No one here wants money from another. Do you think you will get rich? We’re a community that works to improve the game. Because the Czechs don’t move their asses! Let everyone enjoy the game! That’s why we don’t want money!

    1. Lord Varys

      Look, if you want to help improve the map than donate or just download it for free, simple.

    2. I would like to know what you know about map creation.Only two people work on the map. The work is demanding and lengthy at their scale maps. Everyone would like to have some new or updated mode, but no one will send the author even 1 € donate for the work they do. I fully understand them. Nobody orders you to pay for something you don’t want, but think about the reason why they charged the map for the future. Although I think the price is a bit high, but I’d rather give $ 5 for this map than $ 5 for a map from Kimislimi. And if you think you can get rich in it, then you’re a big mistake.

  3. Jak ustawic mape sa 2 pliki

    1. Hi, its easy, file data.scs and slovakia.scs put in to the folder mod, create new profile. Then in mod manager allow both files, and click to apply, and choose slovak.mbd game module

      1. archiv ma budto neznamy format, nebo je poskozen – nefunguje

        1. Použite winrar verzie 5 a vyššej

  4. RebelCopyrights

    Why only the slovak modders wants money from their mods ?
    And of course you can´t just ask money from product which is licensed under SCS software. you use their game which is licensed where is your name in the credits ?


    Hmmm, po tom co citam tak kapo…. TY si iny KKT 😀 😀 😀

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