Slovakia Map v 5.0

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Slovakia Update Module for patch 1.25.
Map autonomous, choose slovak.mbd module
Its cargo company trailers. Its traffic sounds and environments. The new version upgrade roads, models, prefabs. Added new cities and roads.
Improved and corrected texture road, road marking and fencing, panels and signs.
DLC Going East and Scandinavia are required!
Test 1.25

Authors: SVK Map Team, Kapo 944

DOWNLOAD 459 MB [Sharemods]

6 thoughts on “Slovakia Map v 5.0

  1. Dennis [GER]

    Is it Promods 2.11 compatible?

    1. Standalone map

  2. wujek600kv


  3. Harry Hirsch

    Houses in the ground – trees on the road 🙁

  4. DLC+are+not+required,+if+you+find+some+bugs+please+report+us+directly+via+

  5. At Svidnik invisible wall on the highway. #### that hurts.

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