Slow Speed Traffic for 1.22


This was made by request.
Some people say that 90kph is too high speed.
In this mod changed speed in all countyes on
motorway – 80 kph
expressway – 60 kph
local – 60 kph
in city – 45 kph

Author: piva


15 thoughts on “Slow Speed Traffic for 1.22

  1. Way to go mate!
    thank you!

  2. DrunkDriver

    AI traffic is in total mess.In some countries cars run 250km/h and trucks do 120-130km/h all the time.Convoy of vehicles change direction at this speed, it looks like a roller coaster ride. This mod is absolutely realistic.
    I hope someone will make a mod that will force AI traffic to respond to turning signals.

    1. It can SCS only 😀

    2. AI does respond to turn signals, maybe you’re running a very old version.

      1. DrunkDriver

        No, I`m running the latest patch and AI traffic does not respond to turn signals at all. In previous patches it was the same, they never responded.Maybe some of my mods are conflicting, I have a lot of them in my mod folder.

        1. One or two cars not responding blinker signal, then all normal, I see it in game in 1.22 version

  3. Очень нужный мод! Спасибо!

    1. Не знаю, я катаюсь 90-100 кмч мне и 90 хватает, просто попросили сделать 80 и 45 в городе. Я его не использую.

  4. What?90kph too fast? That’s crazy. Are you sure you don’t mean 90mph?

    1. kilometers or miles ? I don’t responding

    2. since ets2 map is 1:19, whole map is way too small for such a speed of 90kmh. who ever been in the truck on the highway, have seen that objcets in ets2 passing by too fast aside. White lines (stripes) are to close each other, and that gives the feeling of speed as well. Highway drive supposed to be long and boring. You can feel a bit on hungary map M5 highway. 😉

  5. In European Union, It’s Km/h, not miles.

  6. mph

  7. And this mod for AI Trucks ?

  8. Alif Putra

    guys, is it work on version 1.21?

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