Small Screen for GPS v 2.0

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Euro Trucuk Simulator 2 small information screen (GPS) mode was made available to small mirror version added
Tested version +

Author: By MahBeR


2 Responses to Small Screen for GPS v 2.0

  1. DarkNight says:

    This mod is not your own creation, this mod is Route Advisor and was created by Hemil.

    You’re a thief who takes the mods of other people and you attribute merits for something that is not yours

  2. tijdreiziger54 says:

    This works very nice, also in ETS2 version 1.20 (btw, can you update it version 1.20 or 1.21?). So thanks for sharing.
    But I have one issue. It is a bit strange that the running line of the driver information pops up on the middle of the screen. Perhaps this is not a problem when you only have a few drivers, but with a lot of them it becomes annoying. Is there a way to change this? (Which values in which files? I tried it myself, but didn’t succeed sofar.)

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