SMG Sticker edit by kRipt ( King Of The Road ) v1.2

Original mod –>
It’s my edit of SchuLLi mod
It’s okay with:
-RJL Scania’s
-Eugene Scania
-SCS Scania
And maybe it will with other mod’s !
Skin1 –>
Skin2 –>
Interior –>

kRipt, SchuLLi


4 thoughts on “SMG Sticker edit by kRipt ( King Of The Road ) v1.2

  1. Too bad it’s not updated to go down with the windows … but good mod I’ve had for a while

    1. Original mod is not in update… I only edited original mod.

  2. Schulli told me, that there will not be any new Update.

    I have this Mod since Years and meanwhile I made only some
    Mods for myself, but only for the Front glasses.

  3. I sincerely hoped to make a new update, but ….

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