SmhKzl Graphic Mod v 1.0

Graphic-1 Graphic-2 Graphic-3

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– New HDR
– New Rain Drop
– Edited Models
– New Weather
– New Street Lamp Color
– Edited Materials
– New Road Texture


Author: SmhKzl


13 thoughts on “SmhKzl Graphic Mod v 1.0

  1. c.carpenter

    no … there are much better graphic mods.

  2. bütün modlarda çalışıyor mu?

  3. Good work!

  4. this work truckers map??

  5. leo truck

    tsm 6.2 ??
    EAA V3.1 ??
    Traffic Mod 5.2.0 ??

  6. nerowskyyMonster

    Many red things on romanian map by andu team

  7. lordmodets2

    Look this

    1. lordmodets2
      1. lordmodets2

        unfortunately I could not post the image, plus the scenery is sobreponto the image inside the cab

      1. lordmodets2


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